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Riding Into An Uncertain Future.

February 04th, 2021 - 4 minutes reading time
Who would have expected exactly one year ago that a whole racing season will be postponed or lowered to the minimum due to a virus epidemic? Who would have thought that the "off-season" would be extended under duress until September? Who would have reckoned in February 2020 that one year later we will face a situation, that does not look any better than the one we left behind? - Probably nobody. Right?
Now that we are heading into another period of racing, based on a provisional schedule, it is about time to arrange with the current situation. We just have to accept that - beside struggling to manage the daily "covid-life" - training towards a certain season highlight will always go along with the risk of switching plans or the need of suddenly focusing on alternative goal.
Generating motivation for training from specific competitions - as it was a common practice for years - is therefore an aspect be rethought. Where does my motivation originally come from?

- And all this without the certainty of getting the chance to compete and enjoy the fruits of labor?

The answer must lay deeper. It arises from the neverending fascination for our sport, from the love of cycling. From the hope to be out riding with the boys again, in training and racing, sharing the passion together. From the obligation towards our team, the people behind it and its partners who are still giving their best to support us even in these difficult times. From the added value to life through the cycling-lifestyle, culture and community, which I like to share visually with all my thoughts on instagram and via this blog. In the most authentic way possible.

Talking about feet and hands - That's a difficult topic for sure! Some of my teammates also ride without gloves and shoe-covers even in when the temperatures drop to zero, what would be an absolute mission impossible for me.

I hope that everyone of you guys will have the best possible year 2021, on and off the bike. And if cycling is the keay to make this hard time a little easier, than this is probably enough of motivation to go out and ride.

Let's make this year a good one, no matter where it will take us. Take care and ride on.

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