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May 18th, 2021 - 4 minutes reading time
While the racing-campaign is still on hold, we are sailing in standby-mode towards the summer. By the way: The word "sailing" is a pretty good description for what's happening in my hood for the last weeks, as there is nearly not a single day without rain. And while I'm writing these lines, the world drowns once again. But that's a different story.
It's May and beside the miserable weather conditions there is still one thing that does not fit to the current time of the year: The lack of road-races. Under normal conditions racing would be in full swing since three months already. But, hey - What's normal these days? Instead of races, roadtrips and spending time with the team, we're still rolling through the months without a real light at the end of the tunnel.
A fixed season kick-off date is still missing. And so the training-schedule is.

If there's one thing I learned from the first "Covid-season" last year, than it's to adapt the training-content to the current situation. Even though it's more fun riding bikes in a brilliant shape, there's just no sense in it, to push one effort after another, when there's no chance to compete in the end.

While in February and March, the hope for a slightly later start to the season was the base of motivation, keeping up the hard work, the following multitude of race-cancellations, let the motivation-scale drop and a change in plans was needed.

Instead of being in race-shape, it is now all about conserving a certain "basic-fitness", that allows us to get in shape quickly on "day X". Therefore my training-rides mainly look like this: Keeping up a "sportive ground speed" and hammering up hills, when I feel like it. No more, no less. Overmotivation will not be your friend in the long run, that's what I had to painfully realize myself, while being completely tired, when the 2020s season started at the end of September last year.

If we should get the opportunity to compete in the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxemburg e.g., our team will definitely use this. That's for sure and and until then, it's all about staying positive, keep pedalling and not drowning in the floods. Cheers all!

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